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301 Redirect

Each web page that has been moved or combined with another page or created in another web page format, that therefore no longer exisits may be previously linked to by another website, book marked by a visitor or stored as a page by a search engine. If you don't use a redirect 301 to the new replacement page you will loose traffic and possibly ranking with the search engines as they all believe the page no longer exisits.

If you simply point your domains to your website incorrectly, the search engines might consider this is duplicate content, which will mean a severe reduction of your ranking or even a ban is possible.

We provide information on how to redirect your page or whole website or domain in a search engine freindly way. It also is applicable for 302 redirects which are temporary as opposed to a permanent change.

We also provide a service to provide a link that search engines and other interested organizations can find to your redirected domains which you have to redirect traffic as they are varations of your name, trade name, website name, slogan or traffic generating domains that contain keywords and phrases of your website area or your website name with different tld's.

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